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ZooGue Introduces Padded Zipper Pouch and Travel Bag

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Here at ZooGue, we recently introduced the Padded Zipper Pouch (left) and the Padded Zipper Travel Bag (right) to our lineup of iPad compatible accessories. The Case Genius Padded

Zipper Travel Bag is available for only $24.99 (USD) and the Padded Zipper Pouch is just $14.95 (USD). Constructed with highly durable nylon, both will protect your iPad of any generation. With the same dimensions (11” x 9”), they will easily provide protection for your case-free iPad or your iPad in a ZooGue Leather Case Genius.

The Padded Zipper Travel Bag operates as your standard briefcase, but instead of holding all of your paper documents you have them all stored on your ZooGue protected iPad. In addition to having space for your iPad, it has room for chargers, styluses, and other accessories that you never leave home without. The Padded Zipper Pouch offers the same protection, but instead of the briefcase style carry you can easily store it in your backpack or tote-bag. Perfect for the businessman, student, or teacher, the Padded Zipper Travel Bag and the Padded Zipper Pouch are the sure choice when it comes to convenient protection. “Get off the couch and travel with your pouch.”

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