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See What Happens When ZooGue Freezes an iPad 3

ZooGue’s very own founder, Tim Angel, already put the iPad through extreme temperatures with his iPad vs. Lava video. Recently, Tim put the iPad to the test with temperatures below freezing. Equipped

with an Apple’s new iPad, a freezer, a plastic bag to prevent water damage, and a pool of water, he encapsulated his iPad in a block of ice. However, the iPad was still operational via remote while in the ice and after it had thawed.

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2 Responses to See What Happens When ZooGue Freezes an iPad 3

  1. Deborah Reidinger says:

    do you have covers for the lap tops?

    • GrahamSmith says:


      Currently we do not offer laptop accessories. I appreciate your comment at will submit your request for them.


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