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iPad Air and iPad Mini Revealed, Pre-Order iPad Air Cases Now

iPad Air Cases

Announced today alongside the retina iPad Mini, the iPad Air is only slightly heavier than its miniature counterpart. Aside from screen-size, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini have a lot in common, including the A7 chip, the M7 co-processor, and Apple’s stunning retina display. Surprisingly, Apple didn’t include Touch ID on the iPad Air nor the iPad Mini. The iPad Air, now in “space gray” will be available for purchase as early as November 1st starting at $499, followed by the retina iPad Mini starting at $399.

The Case Prodigy and Case Genius Pro iPad Air cases are available for pre-order now and have a guaranteed delivery date of December 24th.

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3 Responses to iPad Air and iPad Mini Revealed, Pre-Order iPad Air Cases Now

  1. Get Smart says:

    This makes me excited thinking about the possibilities for graphically advanced gaming going forward, however, in what I think is kind of a strange move, Apple has decided to keep the iPad 2 around as the “entry level” iPad for those who want to buy one of the tablets at a reduced price. Yes, the iPad 2. Seeing how difficult it already can be to release new games while still supporting older (and usually highly underpowered) devices, keeping the iPad 2 around as a “new” device will likely keep those difficulties going. Apple also announced that the original, Retina Display-less iPad mini would be sticking around too, at a remarkable starting pricepoint of $299, so I guess if anything developers will be able to target the existing iPad 2-level hardware as the low end for support purposes.

  2. Wow, Oceanhorn looks amazing. My iPad mini with Retina should be boarding a cargo airplane shortly, and this might be the first app to land on it.

  3. iPad mini keeps you connected faster than ever. In more locations than ever. Using two antennas instead of one and MIMO technology, iPad mini delivers twice the Wi-Fi performance of its predecessor. And the Wi-Fi Cellular model supports more LTE bands than ever, so you can make quick, easy connections the world over.

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