Looking for a stand case for your iPad Air 2?

Are you looking for the perfect stand case for your iPad Air 2? Are you getting tired of those wobbly stand cases and bulky covers? Do you want a stand case that is firm and slim?

Good news! Your search for the perfect stand case is over. The iPad Air 2 Case Prodigy Elite is here!

ZooGue owner, Tim Angel, tested how long the iPad Air 2 Case Prodigy Elite can hold your iPad Air in place and the result was amazing. The iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite is so far the most stable stand case ever tested. Being 40% thinner and 20% lighter, it is the perfect stand for you and your iPad Air 2. You don’t have to settle with the difficulty of making your Ipad Air 2 stand again and again because it keeps on falling or have to deal with its bulky covers, making you feel uncomfortable and giving you difficulty in using your it.

Prodigy Elite is the only kickstand case in the world. It has 7 very secure magnetic angles. These magnetic angles are designed to adjust to your position needs, whether it’s for a relaxing stay on the couch or just before going to bed. Whatever situation it is, it will surely be stable.

The Prodigy Elite provides great protection for your iPad Air 2 for it has sleep/wake cover and it covers the corners of your iPad Air 2. Its structure also allows access to all buttons including the camera, making it very convenient for you. The materials used for the case are high quality materials and had gone through multiple quality inspections to ensure that it meets the high quality standard of the product.

It is now time to give your iPad Air 2 the perfect firm and slim stand-case that also gives the right protection. Order your very own ZooGue iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite now.

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Are you looking for a sleek yet protective iPhone 6 case?

What happens when you drop your iPhone face down? It sucks when this happens because most of the time, you’ll end up with a cracked screen. To prevent this from happening, iPhone users resort to buying bulky cases that will hopefully protect their phones.

But that’s not the case with the iPhone 6 Social Pro. Owner Tim Angel tested how far this new iPhone 6 case can protect an iPhone from falls. This new case, although thin and lightweight, amazingly protected his iPhone despite strong impact on a hard surface. Can’t believe it? Check out the video below to see for yourself:

The Social Pro is an iPhone 6 case that offers both a sleek design and ultimate protection. It has a matte finish as well as side grips to keep your phone from slipping off of your hands. Although it is slim and lightweight, you don’t need to worry about a cracked screen or a busted phone should your iPhone get the fall of its life. That’s because it is made from dense TPU that is not too soft or too hard, which keeps it from getting stuck in your pocket while providing full protection in case of impact.

Give your iPhone the protection it needs without sacrificing design and functionality. Order a ZooGue iPhone 6 Social Pro Case here.

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ZooGue iPhone 6 Cases Featured On World Famous You Tube Channel

Our new iPhone 6 & 6 plus cases were featured on one of You Tubes most famous channels. Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox therapy has almost 1.5 million subscribers and he’s know for his tech unboxing and review videos. When the new iPhone 6 came out Lewis of course did an unboxing of apples latest and greatest devices, and also mentioned our iPhone 6 cases pointing out that the new protruding camera lens is asking for trouble and a case like ZooGue’s is a great affordable option!

iPhone 6 grey case

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3 New Thin Yet Functional iPad Cases

Today we announced our latest and greatest, 3 new iPad Cases that are thinner, lighter, more protective, and even more convenient. These are cases we have been working on for years now and even though it was a long road we are happy to say we got it right. These cases are by far the best designs we have ever released. We have always listened to our customers feedback and even though they loved our old cases there was a very common complaint, they wanted a case that offered the same functionality but thinner & lighter. Our new iPad Case Prodigy Elite is 40% thinner & 20% lighter than its predecessor and we even added an extra angle for added convenience. These cases are now available for pre-order and are expected to start shipping by July 11th.

iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite

iPad mini Case Prodigy Elite

iPad Air – 3 Ring Binder Case

Thin iPad Case ProdigyiPad Air Case for binders

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Customer Runs Over iPhone 4 & Case By Accident

We often receive emails from happy customers, and stories of how our case saved their iPhone after falling down a flight of stairs or being stepped on etc. Well when we heard Cheryl’s story we just had to share it.

iPhone 4s case

I was out and about with my list of chores and unknowing not only did I drop my phone in the driveway, but ran over it!! Once I realized, I figured I’d add buying a new phone to my list of chores.

What a surprise to see my phone still worked. I was so impressed, I had to send you a picture, tire marks and all! Your cases rock!!



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Free iPhone Case & Accessories Deal is Back

Our most popular but rare special is officially back for a limited time only.


Choose from any of the 8 accessories here on the Free iPhone Case Deal page. Be sure to follow the guidelines for this great offer.

– Max of 5 items per order
– Place a seperate order if you would like more than 5 items
– Use Promo Code  FREEDEAL (USA customers)
– Use Promo Code  WorldDEAL (International customers)
– Orders for this special may only include these accessories

Any orders that don’t follow the guidelines may be subject to cancellation or additional fees.

This deal is for a limited time only so hurry and order your free iPhone case today.

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The iPad in a Leather iPad Case: A New Subculture

The_New_iPad_Case_Genius_Pro_Headrest_MountMobile computing isn’t new. The concept itself has been around since the abacus was invented by our ancestors. However, mobile computing as we know today – that is, the idea of a personal computer compressed into a hand-held device – is only a few years young, and the novelty is yet to wear out.

Apple Computer is almost always the trend-setter in this regard if not the actual innovator, thanks to its effective marketing machine. First, they ushered the entrance of portable media players to the mainstream consumer world with the iPod. Next, they revolutionized the smart phone market and initiated the said device’s mass adoption with the iPhone. More recently, they have successfully marketed the tablet computer to the mainstream market. This is what they have achieved with their well-received iPad devices.

The release of the iPad undoubtedly started a trend among manufacturers of mobile computing devices, who immediately put out series after series of tablet computers. While other brands have overtaken Apple in the consumer market, one thing remains clear: Apple has once again secured loyal fans for its product the iPad. This cult following has undoubtedly created an entire class of mobile device consumers who proudly carry their iPads in leather iPad cases or something just as classy.

These people often see carrying an iPad as a fashion statement, while many of them also decided to own an iPad for its practical merits – communication, content consumption, entertainment, and all the other useful bits and pieces. Indeed, you can almost say that the very ownership of this said mobile computing device is actually a way of life, the basis of any culture or subculture of a culture as we know it.

As such, it is not really that hard to see why owners of an iPad take great pains to protect and maintain their beloved mobile device. Of course, you can always say that this is because it simply is pricey, much like all the other Apple products out there. However true that may be, we cannot discount the fact that many people do so out of genuine sentiment – the iPad practically gives them a sense of belonging to the so-called “Mac community“, and that is kind of a big deal on its own. That’s not to mention that, as we have previously iterated, iPads are actually useful for a good number of people.

Thus, owners of the iPad take plenty of steps to protect the said mobile device and increase its longevity. For that matter, many spend on protective peripherals like iPad covers and cases. These are often separate purchases, and many iPad users don’t mind pouring their hard earned money on them. Of course, who wouldn’t want to spend on something that could protect something that serves as the very backbone of their way of life?

We can say that the iPad has created a subculture that appreciates its elegant design and functionality comprised of a variety of people. Certainly not just the snobby Starbucks customer types keeping their Apple tablets in a leather iPad case!


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Our favorite password app is convenient just like our iPad Cases

There are so many password managers, password autofillers out there. I have tried a lot of them, and they always seem to disappoint and again I find my self trying to remember a password for some log in that likely I created recently and still can’t remember it.

I hate wasting time on something like forgetting a password, its such hassle to deal with, I just want an app to work and make my life easier. Just like our iPad Cases, they are super convenient and just work right out of the box.

Well I have some good news, on my long journey of trying these different password autofillers I finally found one that actually works, its amazing. Its called “Dashlane” I don’t need to add in all my passwords, it automatically downloads all the ones currently stored in my mac and then whenever I log into a new site it remembers it, and it always shows up unlike mac software that only asks me sometimes if I want to save a password or only sometimes it autofills log in info. No this one works every time & on every site. I have no relation to this company and they are not paying me to post this, but I was motivated to spread the word on such an awesome product.

iPhone iPad Mac Password App Dashlane

They also have a digital wallet feature that you can store all your credit cards on but the new mavericks software works pretty well with that, but I’m definitely going to need to set up that Dashlane feature on my iPad and iPhone

I think between our iPad Cases and the Dashlane app, your life is going to be so much easier. We hope you enjoy the app.

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Pink iPad Cases & More – Valentine’s Day Special

Today we announced our valentine’s day special, which is valid for a limited time only. Receive up to an 80% discounts on select pink cases.

#1 Our most functional iPad Cases, the Case Genius Pro for iPad 2/3/4 is just $29.99 plus free shipping for the pink case. The iPad Case Genius allows you to adjust your iPad to any angle securely, or use the adjustable straps to mount it on your car headrest.

iPad Cases & More - Valentines day Special


#2 Our popular iPhone 4/4s Case is an amazing deal at just $2.99 with free shipping. This iPhone Case is sleek and stylish yet will protect your phone from a 5 foot drop.

#3 Our Smart Back iPad Cases for the iPad 2/3/4 are 75% off. Only $4.99 including shipping, now thats a great deal. This smart back cover is specifically made to work with the Apple iPad Smart Cover.

#4 For our android lovers, we are offering the popular Galaxy s3 pink cases for just $2.99 including shipping. This Galaxy S3 case is just what you need, it has a thin design but will still protect your phone and screen from drops and falls.

We hope you enjoy these amazing deal. Happy Valentine’s Day, and we look forward to bringing you new innovative products / iPad Cases & amazing deals. We appreciate all the support and look forward to a great year.

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The 4 Advantages of a Leather iPad Case

Leather  Ipad CaseGetting the right ipad case is an imperative to just about every iPad owner. It’s a must simply because the right case not only protects their device from dust and unwanted damage, thereby prolonging its life span, but also because it makes for a good fashion statement. One of the common choices in this regard is an iPad leather case, which is not exactly an uncommon sight these days. Many proud iPad owners go the inexpensive route, or at least the best imitation thereof to protect their favorite mobile computing device.

This easily makes one wonder why someone would prefer a leather ipad case over much cheaper ones made of other material like cloth and synthetic fabrics. Why exactly would somebody spend the extra money for a leather iPad case then? Here are some reasons that we know of:

Leather simply is classy. Arguably, any item made of leather – be it regular or a faux leather – having one is an instant +1 class factor, so long as the design fits the rest of your style. This is likely seen as such by many due to the cost of real leather, making people associate materials made thereof with wealth, and in effect, class.

It easily reflects your social status. As we have previously mentioned, real leather is expensive – who else would afford that but the rich middle class people and the wealthy? Such is the reason why the wealthy opt for exotic leathers, as rarity of an expensive material is an indication of socio-economic standing.

Leather is not just for old people anymore. It sure has been used since antiquity, but never has it faded off the fashion scene. While leather articles are sometimes stereotyped as stuff for the elderly, one can’t help but notice that leather belts, bags, and whatnot are being used – and fashionably so – by people from various age groups and cliques. You can’t help but notice teenagers wear leather articles around the corner, while middle aged people strut in their well-polished leather shoes.

Leather is durable. At least this is true when we are talking about real leather. Ever tried and succeeded tearing up real leather with your bare hands? I didn’t think so. That’s how strong and durable leather is. In addition to this, quality leather is also waterproof and will last for quite a while before it starts breaking apart

Having read all these, one question would’ve probably popped up in your head right now: who wouldn’t want to invest in a leather iPad case when it can protect your iPad from three of the four classic elements for quite a long time? Well, the answer is quite obvious.

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