The NEW Case Genius Exec

Are you looking for a case for your iPad Air 2? If you’ve used our Case Genius models, then you know that there is no iPad case in the world that can come close to the amount of angles our Case Genius offers while keeping the iPad extremely secure in every angle.

But we have to be honest. The past designs may have a couple of compromises like a not-so-sleek design and exposed sticky velcro that can catch on clothes or any fabric when the case is in the closed position. There is also still a lack of protection even though there were extended edges to protect the corners.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 08.11.40

Because we value customers’ feedback about our products, we have improved on the Case Genius Pro and created the new Case Genius Exec. After years of prototyping, it is by far quite superior than its predecessor. To solve all the concerns encountered with the previous model, we came up with an incredible redesign that is not only gorgeous, but also with an improved functionality. It is way better than before!

Screenshot 2015-10-16 08.11.51 - B

New Improvements:

– No Exposed Sticky Velcro
– Covered Corners
– More secure kickstand
– Improved Drop Protection
– Plastic Shell With Finger Tabs For Easy iPad Removal
– Secure Magnetic Cover With Magnetic Flap To Keep Case Securely Closed

If you liked the Case Genius Pro you will LOVE the Case Genius Exec! The case will be on pre-order starting Oct 14th and will ship by Oct 20th.

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Coming Soon: ZooGue Cases for the New iPad Mini 4

Mighty. Small. Apple has done it yet again! Thinner and lighter than ever before, Apple’s new iPad Mini 4 is more than meets the eye. Despite its incredibly sleek design, the iPad Mini 4 is extremely powerful, combining everything you love in the iPad in a portable design.

iPad mini 4

Photo from

Get this: it’s just 6.1 mm thin and 0.65 lb heavy, yet it is jam-packed with cool features. What’s in store for you:

A powerful A8 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture that can handle the most demanding apps (What you’ll get: 30% faster CPU, 60% faster graphics)

The iSight Camera with advanced optics, an improved sensor, and signal processor (What you’ll get: handy features like panorama, time‑lapse video, slo‑mo, and burst and timer modes)

A redesigned front-facing FaceTime HD Camera with a refined sensor and larger pixels

An enhanced Touch ID technology you can use to not just unlock your iPad but also secure purchases on iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store

Faster browsing with up to 866 mbps via WiFi or up to 150 mbps via LTE

Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture features brought to you by iOS 9

Built-in apps designed especially for the iPad

How amazing is the new iPad mini 4?! To make sure that you’re new high-tech toy is well-protected, why not order one of our new ZooGue cases for the iPad mini? RESERVE YOUR ORDER HERE.

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What’s in store for us in the new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus?

Apple has done it again! They have released their new model of smart phones with innovative features: the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both of which were launched in San Francisco.

iPhone 6s looks identical with iPhone 6. However, the noticeable change to this year’s smart phones is its “3D Touch.” This is a pressure-sensitive display technology that lets the owner push in to do new tasks.

With regards to its design, nothing has changed except the new color which is rose gold. Apple said that it may look identical but the inner strength had improved.

They used a different grade of aluminum for its chassis and they call it Series 7,000. They have also included Force Touch. If you try to press it down, you can pull up context-sensitive menus, switch apps, or examine photos. Another use is to access shortcuts from the home screen. Applying fingertip pressure to an element in a message will surface more information in the email inbox.

Pressing harder on an app will generate more options as well such as viewing photos of a contact’s Instagram photo stream. When playing a game, if you press harder, you could zoom in to get closer to the action.

The camera also improved with 12-megapixels and an autofocus feature that will pick up the pace and color accuracy. The front camera on the other hand is now 5-megapixels. Instead of including a flash for the front-facing camera, Apple used the home screen to light up instead. Its Live Photos turns stills into a video or GIF. The video recording is now 4K at 3,840×2,16pixel resolution.

Apple also said that they now have a faster form of LTE Advanced and will include support for the latest greatest Wi-Fi networks. The two new phones will run on iOS 9 with a smarter Siri and up to three hours longer battery life plus a new Low Power Mode.

Good To Know: The Zoogue iPhone 6 Social Pro cases fit the iPhone 6s! Check them out here.

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Apple Set to Launch the New iPad Pro in November

A larger, 12.9 inch display, with a 2,732 x 2,048 resolution and has the power to show 5.6 million pixels, Apple is set to launch the new iPad Pro in November. What’s in store for us Apple lovers?

Apple has always been a leader in innovation, which is why they never fail their enthusiasts and consumers when they launch new and improved products. Set to Launch in November of this year, the cost of the new iPad Pro will probably be at around $799. It will feature an A9X chip, Apple’s improved third generation of 64-bit chip, making it 1.5 times faster than the A8X chip. The iPad Pro will be faster by 80% than all portable PCs and 90% faster at rendering graphics.

It also has four speakers, one at each corner, which means it will be producing three times the audio of the iPad Air 2. Now you might be wondering about how the battery life can keep up with the upgraded features. Good news: iPad Pro can run on a single charge for 10 hours!

This gadget weighs at 1.57 pounds and will be available in gold, silver, and space grey. Extra accessories can be added to the new iPad Pro like the Smart Keyboard. This can be connected to the iPad Pro with a Smart Connector that carries power and data with a magnetic connection. Moreover, the Apple Pencil can be an addition to this as well should you need to use your iPad to take notes or doodle your ideas.

The Apple Pencil, if you’re wondering, features a Force Touch that helps the tablet pick up on pressure, angle, and dimension. This can stay charged for an hour and comes with a lightning cable that can be charged by the tablet itself.

Excited? We definitely are!

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Keep Your iPad Screen Clean with the Screen Microfiber Cleaner Ball & Stylus

Tired of wiping your iPad screens with regular microfiber cloth that takes most of your time just to get it clean and done? Are you the type of person who would always like your iPad screen maintained and always looking brand new with no fingerprints or stains? Then Zoogue has the the right equipment for your iPad to help you with this kind of problem.

microfiber cleaner ballThe Screen Microfiber Cleaner Ball and Stylus by Prodigee helps your iPad screen become cleaner in a much easier way. Its unique design makes it easier to wipe smudges from finger prints or any stains because it has an internal foam which puts focused pressure on areas that need to be cleaned.

Aside from keeping your screen spotless, the Microfiber Cleaner Ball also comes with a stylus band that is removable. This is useful in keeping and maintaining your microfiber cleaner ball making it look as good as new. This small stylus band has two colors to choose from: black and red. Now even your cleaning accessory for your iPad has style as well!

With ease of usage and effective cleaning, you can get this Screen Microfiber Cleaner Ball and Stylus for just $9.99. You can actually save $9.96 from it’s recommended retail price of $19.95. Don’t let this cleaning equipment go out of your hand and purchase one to get rid of your iPad screen problems!

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Add Color to Your iPhone Social Cases with the Zoogue Color Buttons Variety Pack

If you’re the type who always want something new, hip and unique with your phone, then Zoogue’s iPhone Cases Color Buttons Variety Pack is for you!

Aside from adding some color to your iPhone social case, Zoogue’s iPhone Case Color Button Variety Pack can also protect your iPhone’s buttons from dust and other damages. These buttons come in different colors like lime green, army green, purple, pink, light blue, navy blue, old spice red, white, dark grey, and black together with your iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S Social Cases. Go from green when there’s a picnic in the morning to old spice red when it’s party time at night. It’s totally up to you on how you would want to mix and match these colors depending on your style of the day.

Theses color buttons will definitely reflect your personality since it’s for you to customize to your own liking. In fact with ten different colors your whole family could use it as well and will also help your family to identify who’s phone is which because using color buttons will set you apart from other iPhone cases. Another thing is it would take you only seconds to place and replace these buttons since it fits perfectly on your iPhone case. Just right if you’re in a hurry and you wouldn’t want to leave your house holding a simple phone case with your very fashionable outfit.

iPhone case color buttons

Get compliments from your friends and colleagues with your unique iPhone case color buttons. What’s even nice about this is it’s RSP costs $9.95. But with Zoogue, it would only cost you $2.99 and you’ll have a stylish, one of a kind iPhone case. That’s $6.96 cheaper than the recommended retail price!

So don’t miss out on this offer and be a trend settler while it’s still available in stock. Click here to order!

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Coming This Fall: iOS 9 – What to Expect

Apple never fails to be the talk of the town when it comes to their new products and software updates. This fall, Apple will release iOS 9, software that will be compatible with older versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This is something great for people using old iPhones, iPads and even iPods since they will not be left out anymore.

Photo from TechRadar

Photo from TechRadar

What’s to look forward to? Siri has been a companion for Apple users when it comes to getting things done in a fast and easy way. Siri is now smarter and can now cover more topics! Siri can now understand certain terms such as “it” and “this” by scanning through open apps and process the command that needs to be done. She can also suggest appointments to add in the calendar. Together with calendar suggestions, Siri can now tell you when to leave for an appointment with the improved iOS 9 Apple Maps.

Speaking of Apple Maps, with iOS 9, Apple Maps will also feature public transit directions, which many Apple users have been waiting for. Now you can use it to search bus, train, subway, and even ferry routes. Nifty, isn’t it? This feature will be made available in Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, and Washington D.C. Cities in China will also be included since iPhone is now emerging in places like Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.

The new iOS 9 keyboard for iPad has improved as well with its built-in shortcut bar feature of next-word suggestion, which can be found above the first row keyboard letters. Commands like cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, underline, and attachments are seen at the side of next-word suggestions.

With all these new upgrades, consumers might wonder about the battery life of their iPhone. But now there’s nothing to worry since iOS 9 has longer battery life with the Low Power Mode that gives an extra hour to its usage.

These are just some of what’s in it for Apple’s new iOS 9 software. There may be a lot more features that Apple has not yet announced to the public – so let’s all look forward to that. To see the full list of features, you can visit this link.

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Apple Releases iOS 8.4.1 A Week After iOS 8.4

Surprise! A week apart from the release of iOS 8.4 and Apple releases a mysterious iOS 8.4.1 update. Unlike other software updates, iOS 8.4.1 has no details as to what it does.

Though Apple goes mysterious, this software would most likely involve bug fixes, performance enhancements, and less changes in its operating system. This kind of release would often mean a disable of popular jailbreaks such as TaiG. However, these functions would often be under “Bug Fixes” and/or “General Performance and Stability Improvements” but it seems that Apple did not release such notes.

What’s less worrying about the mysterious iOS 8.4.1 is that it is not for consumers just yet. This software or 12H304 as its build number is still under the care of developers and will undergo several renewal before the public can make use of this upgrade. Hopefully by this time Apple will be able to give out more information about iOS 8.4.1 and will not leave their consumers wondering.

Apple has announced the limitations of the current iOS 8.4 including the missing Home Sharing function which will now be addressed to the new iOS9 and is said to be launched by early September together with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus which is just weeks away.

It has been estimated that an average release for a new iOS would take over 60 days but another iOS 8 release is rather strange since it only took Apple one week to release. This must have been something that Apple prioritises the most knowing that iOS 8.4 has bug fixes coming to iOS 9. This would then mean that jailbreaking is Apple’s top priority.

The rush that Apple did to release iOS 8.4.1 shows and ending to iOS 8 which is said to be the most updated version in the history of iOS. Aside from the iOS 8.4, Apple has made available an update to OS X Yosemite or OS X 10.10.4 for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Such report indicated that this new update would be focusing on fixing network issues and enhancing security and stability.

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iPhone 6 Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector 9H 4.7 inch

We all know that owning a touch screen phone especially an iPhone 6 requires a lot of care for its outside appearance. The screen is considered as the most vulnerable part of an iPhone 6 since it is the thing responsible for all the activities that our iPhone 6 is capable of doing. And with this reason, there is really a need for us to do something to protect the screen of our iPhones. We could protect the screens of our iPhone 6 by giving it a screen protector that can protect it from scratches and cracks especially during the times that we at least expect it to fall from our pockets or even from our hands.

It is advisable that we use tempered glass screen protector to protect our iPhone 6. Besides from protecting it from any scratches and cracks, tempered glasses also helps in reducing the sensitivity of the screen. So if you agree with all of these, then you better go and check out ZooGue’s iPhone 6 Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector 9H 4.7 inches product.

iPhone 6 screen protector

ZooGue iPhone 6 Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector 9H 4.7 inches is made up of high quality tempered glass. It is thin, anti-shatter, and crystal clear and also screen touch sensitive. It is made to perfectly fit the screen of your iPhone 6 and it is also impossible to scratch. It is also much easier to put on your iPhone’s screen than the plastic ones. This tempered glass protector is resistant to heat and pressure applied on the surface. It can also withstand more of an impact. This is because when the device is dropped or hits the surface, the glass absorbs the shock and pressure. If your phone accidentally falls to the ground, the screen will not break but instead, it’s the tempered glass screen protector that will absorb the shock.

ZooGue iPhone 6 Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector is definitely the screen protector for your iPhone 6. It will provide a smooth touch feel of the screen that you feel with the original screen of your device. So what are you waiting for? You better give your iPhone 6 the protection it deserves.

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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s WWDC or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is already settled and will take place at Moscone West in San Francisco on June 8-12, 2015. Now, what is this Apple’s WWDC all about and why is it a big event for Apple?

Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC is a conference conducted annually by Apple to give a preview of what Apple has been working on. It is an event where the renowned developers’ community comes together to learn more about Apple’s works like the future iOs and OS X. The preparation for this event is now currently taking place at Moscone West in San Francisco and will be all ready for the start of the conference on June 8, 2015 until June 12, 2015. With that being said, what are the possible things that Apple will unveil in this event?

This year, the WWDC 2015 is going to be a huge event. Apple is expected to unveil the newest iOS which is the iOs 9 and also OS 10.11. Apple will also introduce new features, designs and also some information that they have learned on ways on how people actually use their devices. We are also expecting news about Apple Watch as it has been revealed that Apple is now ready to reveal future versions of the Apple Watch OS which will add greater functionality to the wearable Apple Watch.

We are also expecting some new feature updates with regards to maps, multitasking, and HomeKit on iOS. Besides from these, another thing to look forward to for this year’s WWDC is the Apple Music. Apple Music is the DJ-curated and on-demand streaming music service Apple’s been working on with Beats. It has also been rumored that Apple will also be releasing a subscription TV service. But there is still no confirmation for the company with regards to this matter. There have been speculations that this subscription TV service might debut during fall or maybe next year.

With all these information we are having now, there’s no doubt that WWDC 2015 will be in full blast!  WWDC will be featuring more than 100 technical sessions, over 1,000 Apple engineers, hands-on labs, and Apple design awards.

WWDC 2015 is all set with their tagline, “The Epicenter of Change” and the keynote will start on Monday, June 8, 2015 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

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